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Entertaining as Hell

Circus of Hell is an award-winning, professional, and fully insured fire, circus and sideshow performance troupe with over a decade of successful performance experience.

Two-time CanSpin national award winners Sisu and Demon have been featured on Discovery's Outrageous Acts of Science, in the Calgary Music Awards 2019 Music Video of the Year, and in their own mini-documentary for the New York Post's Extraordinary People.


Whether on stage, on film, or roving your festival interacting directly with a crowd, they are always ready to surprise you with strange new feats as they dance on the edge of danger for your delight.

Doug the Demon

Demon is the world's most extreme fire eater and the last of a long line of fire kings. He can eat hot coals, lick red hot metal, eat fire from two blowtorches, and to this day is the only person to ever extinguish a welding torch on his tongue.

Sisu van Hell


Sisu is a fire dancer, enchanting you with her fearless smile as she dances in flames, walks on broken glass, or floats her glowing magic wand effortlessly across the stage.


Together they set crowded theatres on fire with passion and excitement.


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