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Entertaining as Hell

Circus of Hell is an award-winning, professional, and fully insured fire, circus and sideshow performance troupe with over a decade of successful performance experience.


Circus of Hell was founded by core performers and married couple Doug ("Demon") and Susan ("Sisu") Thompson. Demon and Sisu perform mainly as a duet, but their performances often feature talented guest performers as well. 

Demon is the World's Most Extreme Fire Eater and the Last Fire King. His fireproof acts are unlike any in the world and will make any audience gasp in shock and amazement. He holds 5 world records including Hottest Flame Extinguished on the Human Tongue at 6300F,  and was featured on Discovery's Outrageous Acts of Science for eating red hot coal. He appeared as the Devil in the YYCMA Music Video of the Year 2019, Punch Drunk Cabaret's Don't Die Until You're Dead.


Sisu is a fire dancer, enchanting you with her smile as she dances in flames, walks on broken glass, or floats her glowing magic wand effortlessly across the stage. She won Leviwander of the Year in the 2019 national CanSpin Awards.


Together they set crowded theatres on fire with passion and excitement.


Circus of Hell has gained an international reputation among both regular audiences and other fire performers alike for innovative props and highly technical fire stunt insanity that pushes the boundaries of what seems humanly possible and crosses over into the realms of magic and wonder.

Circus of Hell is available for select live performances and film appearances in Canada and worldwide, and can tailor acts and costume to your event.


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