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An Unforgettable Show

Get your guests excited - and posting about your event to social media - with the irresistible power of fire. Your guests won't be able to look away as we perform beautiful, irresistible and deliciously dangerous feats.


Circus of Hell is world famous for record setting acts. We guarantee your guests will always see something they have never before seen live, even if they claim to have seen everything. And if they've seen us before on Outrageous Acts of Science or the New York Pos's Extraordinary People, they will still line up to feel the heat of our live show and see us make the impossible possible in front of their very eyes.

Some of our past clients and appearances include the Special Olympics opening ceremonies, North Country Fair, Screamfest, Astral Harvest, and many more. See a list here.

What makes us unique?

Demon, the World's Most Extreme Fire Eater, is the only person in the world performing a fire eating act with two BLOWTORCHES instead of regular torches. Not only does he breathe fire, he breathes three separate streams of fire at once. He sets his arms, chest and even his head on fire with a smile.

Sisu wows audiences as she dances with a fire hip belt, fire fans, and with real green flames, floats a wand and a broom, and walks blindfolded on broken glass  while she balances a fire sword on her head.

As a married couple, our trust for each other is absolute, allowing us to pull off partner stunts few others dare.

We are prop builders as well as performers, and many of our props are one of a kind in the world.

Our shows use story and emotion to connect with your audience, and deepen their experience of our fire and light. We are truly passionate about what we do and that passion shines through in performance.

Types of Performance

Our performances are perfect for fundraising galas, community celebrations, weddings, medieval faires and tournaments, festivals, private and holiday parties, corporate teambuilding workshops, comicons, science fairs, and more.

We can fit the theme and feel of your event, whether fire and ice, circus, romantic, Halloween, holiday or Christmas, post-apocalyptic, magic, or any theme you can imagine. We can also tailor our shows for a general audience, for kids, or for 18+.

If you hire us for a 15-50 minute fire show, you will literally feel the heat from the stage as we dance with fire, eat fire, breathe fire, and set ourselves on fire.


We also perform glow shows, daytime circus shows, and jaw dropping sideshow acts, and offer stilt roving.

We can set up a variety show or a fully choreographed stage performance, and we often bring along our talented performer friends.

Or hire us to add pyro to your band, DJ, music video, commercial or film.

Hiring fire


If you've never hired fire before, let us reassure you that we advise performers all over the world on fire safety. We are not only fire performers, we are also trained welders and stunt burners.


We are fully insured to perform both indoors and outdoors. In 10 years we have never had an incident. We follow the professional standard North American Fire Arts Association safety guidelines, and we carry $5 million liability fire and circus performance insurance each through the Canadian Circus Performers Association. We can also add your event or venue as additionally insured.

You just provide the venue, and we handle the permit paperwork and safety planning.

If fire is not possible, we can perform a full circus and sideshow with no fire.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us for a free quote.

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