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Professional artistic photoshoots and past performances.

For more information about past performances, check the media page, and videos.

arena fire act
Sisu fire dancing
Fire dancing for a crowd
Art gallery fire
Wedding Tent
Step 1 light head on fire, step 2 breath
Partner palm torch duet
Circus of Hell stilter at fire and ice e
Aurora the contortionist at Screamfest
“The wizardry of our fire performers lig
Sideshow knife blockhead
Audience participation in the Demon side
i4detail-2018-10-21 Fire Photoshoot with
i4detail-2018-10-21 Fire Photoshoot with
i4detail-2018-10-21 Fire Photoshoot with
i4detail-2018-10-21 Fire Photoshoot with
Streampunk rockabilly fire with _punchdr
i4detail-2018-10-21 Fire Photoshoot with
i4detail-2018-10-21 Fire Photoshoot with
Sisu the wand witch
Propane Torch on Tongue
Red Hot Knife Lick
Tongue on Fire
Circus Family
On Stage at the Station
Huge thanks to Rodney King of R
No escape
burning wings
dangerous dinner
Angels at Astral Harvest
sepia roving
Sisu rockin out with her fire fans and T
Fire breathing on a shield
Flamethrower performance
Ballerina contortion
Fire fan medieval dance
Glow wand
Fire breathing forward
A downward flare off by _rumple_stiltspi
Burning Mohawk
Burning the angel
Propane extinguish in Calgary
Sisu _sisu_van_hell with her fire witch
Live blockhead with help
Breathing a fire heart
Chest stand
Bringing the hellfire for _punchdrunkcab
Burning the Christmas tree
Post Apocalyptic Fire Performers
Carnaval Izidoria
Lila's Angels Roving
The Human Birthday Cake
Triple breathe
Twin Flames
Stilting Elevator
Fire breathing street performance
Fire Breathing Stilting
Circus in the Sky
Alberta Arts Days in Edmonton
Fire street performance
Eating those giant flames
Elf slaying the dragon
Blowing a partner fire heart! Incredibly
Fire Eating at Sweetwater 905
Lighting from the Olympic Flame
Astral Harvest Fire Eating
Street Fire Performance Duet
Glow Wings Dance
Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies
Demon Fire Eater
Fire and Ice
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