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Fire Performances

Circus of Hell specializes in professional, fully insured, indoor and outdoor fire performances.

We can provide everything from a solo performer up to a full choreographed group show.

We can theme our costuming to match your event, whether it is a corporate fire and ice ball, a renaissance faire, or an electronic music festival. Fire performance can be combined with glow and circus performance to create a truly memorable show with something for evyerone. Acts are suitable for all ages.

Some of our available fire acts include:

Fire eating

Fire breathing

Stilting fire breathing

Fire fans

Fire dance

Fire flow wand

Fire hooping

Fire tambourine


Plus we offer unique and threatrical fire props and costuming such as burning wings, a flamethrowing pitch fork, double flamethrowers, and more.

We also perform insane and world record setting sideshow stunts such as blockhead fire breathing, red hot iron licking, and extinguishing blowtorches on the human tongue. Each of these acts is suitable as a single act as part of a variety show or as components in a 45 minute to an hour stage/sideshow.

Our founder and performer Demon has been specially trained in body burns by Hollywood stunt coordinators, and has performed unique fire stunts on film for TV shows and music videos. He is able to perform spectacular fire stunts on camera and would be happy to help you create a stunt that fits your upcoming project. For more visit the section of our site on Stunts & Film.

Contact us for a quote or to book us for your event.

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