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Stunts & Film

Let's face it, CGI fire is just never as impressive or as beautiful on film as real fire.

Our founder Demon is not only a trained fire performer, he is also a trained fire stuntman who learned to perform body burns at an invitation only workshop with Hollywood stunt people including stunt coordinators for movies and TV Shows such as Stranger Things.

Demon has appeared on Outrageous Acts of Science eating red hot coal in an episode that has aired around the world. He appeared as The Devil performing fire breathing and other fire stunts in the music video for Punch Drunk Cabaret's song Don't Die Until You're Dead. He has also filmed choreographed fire stunts for various other photographers and local TV shows, and been featured in Jukin Media's viral video Top 5 Stupid Human Tricks.

As a very physical performer, Demon is able to act with his entire body, and repeat dangerous stunts take after take with precision and safety. We provide our own safety team and insurance, and have access to unique products that allow for body burning directly on the skin. We can even help custom design a fire prop and/or fire stunt that fits your needs.

Adding fire breathing, fire eating or a body burn can take your commercial, music video, TV show or movie to the next level.

Contact us to book Demon and our fire stunt crew for your upcoming project.

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