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Circus of Hell, Peace River, Alberta

This fearless duo perform record-setting fire and circus stunts that will shock and amaze you. Two-time CanSpin national award winners Sisu and Demon have been featured on Discovery's Outrageous Acts of Science, in the Calgary Music Awards 2019 Music Video of the Year, and in their own mini-documentary for the New York Post's Extraordinary People.


They are always ready to surprise you with strange new feats as they dance on the edge of danger for your delight, whether on stage, on film, or roving your festival interacting directly with a crowd.

Doug the Demon

Demon is the world's most extreme fire eater and the last of a long line of fire kings. He can eat hot coals, lick red hot metal, eat fire from two blowtorches, and to this day is the only person to ever extinguish a welding torch on his tongue. He appeared as the Devil in the YYCMA Music Video of the Year 2019, Punch Drunk Cabaret's Don't Die Until You're Dead.

Sisu van Hell


Sisu is a fire dancer, enchanting you with her fearless smile as she dances in flames, walks on broken glass, or floats her glowing magic wand effortlessly across the stage. She won Leviwander of the Year in the 2019 national CanSpin Awards.


Together they set crowded theatres on fire with passion and excitement.

Reviews & Press Quotes

"Thank God this guy is on stage and not in a mental hospital where he belongs."

- D Quin Hanuman,  Facebook review of Demon's propane blowtorch act

"The best show I have ever seen! If you haven't checked out a show by Circus of Hell I highly recommend it! Such a dope experience! I was able to pull a knife out of his nose lol!"

- @kimberljayy, Instagram review of 2019 Astral Harvest 45 minute show Demonized

"It was the electronic family troupe Circus of Hell, and they were putting on a wicked show. People did not really know how to react to the Circus’ performance so they cheered and gazed in terror and awe."

Noisey, VICE

"No - he's not gonna - not in his mouth! Ahhh I can't watch this!"

Hakeem Olusayi, Astrophysicist, Outrageous Acts of Science episode, "Seriously?"

"You know the cool Uncle in the family, the one that likes to impress the kids by licking his fingers and using them to put out a match? Doug from HellnBack's latest video is kind of like that - if your uncle is Ozzy Osbourne from the eighties."

RightThisMinute, the Viral Video Show

"Well, I can honestly say I danced with the devil, or rather “the Demon"  last night, and I loved it."

Live Music Magazine

World Records

Hottest Flame Extinguished on  the Human Tongue, RecordSetter (unchallenged/unbroken)

Most Times Extinguishing a Welding Torch on the Tongue While on Fire, Online World Records

Most Burning Potato Chips Eaten in a Minute, Online World Records

Most Times Licking a Red Hot Knife, Online World Records

Longest Oxyacetylene Nose Weld, Online World Records

Watch for Guinness World Record Attempt Coming 2019




As Seen On:

Awards & Community Involvement

  • YYCMA Calgary Music Awards 2019 Music Video of the Year

  • 2019 CanSpin Leviwander of the Year, national Canadian award

  • 2016 CanSpin Group of the Year, national Canadian award

  • Sisu Thompson admins 6000+ member Facebook group Business for Flow Artists

  • Founders of the Canadian Fire Performers FB group

Special Training

Stunt body burn training and safety training for film

David Boushey Invitational Fire and Fighting Workshop, Saskatoon Canada 2018

Notable Live Performances

  • Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, Spectaculart fundraising gala

  • Enchanted Okotoks

  • Drayton Valley Medieval Tournament

  • Time Island

  • RCMP Musical Ride

  • Krampusnacht Edmonton

  • The Bear FM Interview and stunt, 15 Minutes of Fame

  • Special Olympics opening ceremonies, Revolution Place, Grande Prairie

  • North Country Fair (multiple years)

  • Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival (multiple years)

  • ScreamFest Calgary 2018

  • Circus of the Strangely Beautiful sideshow Calgary

  • Brooks Medieval Faire

  • Lila's Angels Medieval Faire

  • Sweetwater 905 Music & Arts Festival

  • Kaleido Arts Festival

  • Deep Freeze Festival

  • Carnaval de St. Isidore

  • Circus in the Sky airshow

  • And many more private and public performances




Social Media


Doug the Demon solo page:

Instagram @circusofhell


Cell 780-618-5319

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